Meet The Teachers

Belinda Brahmani


Belinda Yoga


Brahmani is the senior Integral Yoga teacher  and head of The Lotus Centre.

She is an artist whose love of yoga has drawn her to a committed life as a yogi. After many years of practicing different schools of yoga and meditation it was the experience of Integral Hatha yoga that drew her into becoming a teacher and completing her trainings in both beginners and Intermediate Teaching. For her it was the incorporation of all 8 limbs of yoga as Integral Yoga that enabled her to find the freedom to let mind body and soul experience the totality of peace and opening along with her connection to her spiritual teacher, Mooji

Her classes are usually characterized by her understanding of the energy flows through the Asanas or postures. Working within the students level of awareness, slowly opening them up into their own stillness.

She is very involved in the Integral Yoga community and ongoing trainings and retreats in Europe. She is currently the European co-ordinator for Integral Yoga as well as one of the Spanish representatives.

She has staffed a training programs with Swami Askonanda

She also teaches at EL Saltador in Lucianena de Las Torres ,Monday, 18.00-19.30

She can teach in both English and Spanish and enjoys multi lingual classes.

She has run children’s Yoga classes during the summer as well as being employed by the Tabernas town hall to introduce yoga to the village.



Ina Ishwari




Ishwari  has completed both her beginners and Intermediate teacher training and currently teaches the chair yoga at the Lotus Centre as well as classes in  Al Foquia

Ishwari is a healer and practices Aurvedic  massage and has a beautiful gentle and wise  energy.

She can give her classes in English , Dutch and Spanish

“Serving others and yoga is her life”

It is possible to book treatments with her at the centre.



Patricia Parvati




Parvati has completed her beginners teacher training and is a very  popular teacher with her warm and caring personality.

She was born into a yoga household. Her father being a practicing yogi whose teacher was  Paramahansa Yogananda.

Although surrounded as a child in his deep practice, it was not until she arrived in Mojacar and attended classes at the Lotus that she recognized her love for yoga.

She approaches a class with deep humility and gratitude to her students from whom  she feels she learns so much.

Her classes are multi lingual as she is Spanish and English speaking.



Carlos Pradipa




Pradipa has completed his beginners teacher training and is a dynamic and joyful teacher at the centre .

Pradipa was also brought up in a spiritual environment. His father being a philosopher and student in Advaita and Buddhism. But it has only been in recent years that he has had time to follow his path and dedicate more time to his practice with yoga.

His work with renewable energies and interest in ecology and the environment means he spends time  between Spain and Peru.   When he is in Spain he teaches at the Lotus Centre which he considers his home.

His classes are mainly Spanish although he is fluent in English and it is good to check the timetable to see if when he will be giving classes.



Jasper Brahman





Brahman has completed his beginners teacher training and is a very grounded gentle  teacher.

He brings to his classes a sense of ease and calm. The same ease and calm with which he relates to all things in nature especially his love of growing all plants.

He is a cinematographer who has a passion for this area and has made a documentary about  Clint Eastwood and the Spagetti westerns filmed in Almeria.

He is married to a fellow teacher Dyhana and together they have three beautiful children.

He is currently taking time off to help with the newest little addition to the family.

His classes are in English and Spanish



Tomasina Dyhana


P1080075 - Version 2


Tomasina has completed her beginners training as well as teaching childrens Yoga with Brahmani, and some Pregnancy Yoga .

She comes from a family with an understanding of yoga. Her Mother has been teaching Pregnancy Yoga for many years with the British School of Yoga.

She brings a stillness to her class which is reflected in her Yoga name Dhyana ,the meaning of which is meditation in Sanskrit.

She is currently taking time off to be with her three children especially the latest new addition.

Her classes are in Spanish and English.



Sharon Fisher


sharon close 1


Sharon Fisher is a Sivananda Yoga teacher and is the president of the Divine Life Society Almeria branch. Sharon is a life long student of yoga both as a physical discipline and as a spiritual practice, and has been teaching Yoga since 1994. For four years Sharon lived studied and practiced yoga and Vedanta at the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh, India, under the guidance of her guru, H.H Swami Chidananda. Living there close to the source of the Ganges and the source of such profound teachings, in the proximity of the great masters, has been a life transforming experience and the greatest blessing of her life.

‘My intention as a teacher is to provide a safe, enjoyable and non-competitive environment at class. I encourage flow and creativity in my yoga classes, while guiding the students to adapt the yoga poses to their individual abilities and needs. Through this gentle approach that is infused with the attitude of loving kindness, the participant discovers not only an expanded ability but also self-acceptance’.

Her classes are in English


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